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Italian Market

Growing up in Italy established a connection for Hera long before she ever knew that it would evolve into a passion. Hera and her mother would go to the Camisano Vicentino market daily to choose the food they would use to cook the family's supper in the evening.

Jackie, Hera’s mother, also realized her affinity for Italian fashion.  She purchased several handbags in Italy in the late 1970’s that she still uses today.  Some of the bags came from Vicenza while others were purchased in Milan and still others in Florence.  Jackie’s favorite handbags are the ones she found in Florence.  Today, 35 years after Jackie picked up her first Florentine leather bag, Hera and her husband have their own brand of handbags made in Florence, Italy.  The brand and company are a tribute to the lessons mothers teach their daughters and a way to thank a mother for the time she spent with her daughter at the markets all those years ago.

Hera's Handbags was born from a desire to open the door of luxury Italian items, made by master leather craftsmen in Italy, to a wider market. We are passionate about our products.  Our products are made in Florence, Italy using the time-tested techniques that pre-date this century.  Our leather is dyed with a vegetable base using no carcinogenic chemicals and are made in small numbers.

Take a look at how our bags are made in Italy.

Made In Italy Stamp