Designer Leather Bag No No’s: Putting Your Purse On The Floor

There are a lot of things that you wouldn’t put on the floor. For instance, we’re willing to guess that you wouldn’t put your dinner on the floor (even with a plate), you wouldn’t put your expensive hand-blown glass ornament from your friend on the floor, and you probably wouldn’t put your dry cleaning on the floor. But what about your purse? Sure, you wouldn’t want to get your designer handbag dirty, but sometimes you might be in a situation where there’s just nowhere convenient to put it. Could setting your bag down on the ground really be that bad?

Apparently, it really is that bad. That’s what Hera’s Handbags is going to go over in today’s blog post, which is a rather novel topic but something that we found interesting enough to dive into. To find yourself the perfect handmade leather handbag from Hera’s that you can love and take good care of by not setting on the ground, feel free to shop our collection. Now, let’s look at the stigma behind putting your Italian leather bag down on the ground.

Laying Down Objects Can Be Disrespectful

In many cultures around the world, laying certain objects on the ground isn’t so much superstitious as it is disrespectful. Indeed, to some of these cultures, putting a handbag on the ground could imply that you’re basically just snubbing the money that’s inside of the handbag. Now, whether this perceived disrespect is actually going to take place or not really just depends on where you are. Still, it’s an interesting notion and important to keep in mind, especially if you’re traveling around the world.

‘A Purse On The Floor Is Money Out The Door’

Many handbags are exuberantly expensive, and a lot of them are also quite rare and exclusive. So, if you’re a bona fide lover of fashion, you’ll want to take good care of your pieces. If anything, not putting your designer bag on the floor is more of a common sense thing than anything else. Your bag becomes physically beat up by being exposed to the elements or accidentally kicked around by other people.

Even more so, from a metaphysical sort of standpoint, setting your clean handbag on the dirty ground basically illustrates that you don’t really shower proper care toward your bag. After all, if you’re willing to put it on the dirty floor, what else are you willing to subject the bag to? Oh, the horrors!

So What Should You Do?

Many handbags are much bigger than they used to be, and that means taking up excessive amounts of room when you go out to dinner or do pretty much anything else. So how are you supposed to put the handbag out of your way without putting it on the ground? Well, you can always hang your purse on the back of your chair at a restaurant, but then it might get stolen.

A purse hook might be the way to go. A purse hook slips on the edge of the table and has a hook on the other end for your purse to hang by its strap. You can usually find purse hooks online.

Take Good Care Of Your Handmade Leather Handbag

We work hard and take pride in our handmade leather goods here at Hera’s Handbags, so you should treat your very own leather bag with the respect that it deserves! Shop our store today.

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