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Myths About Fashion That You Shouldn’t Buy Into

Where would the world be without fashion? Would we all be walking around wrapped in blankets or dressed in curtains, or maybe still sporting Roman togas? While high fashion only appeals to a certain niche market (and a large market at that), there’s something to be said about how clothing and a sense of style affect our individuality, confidence and the way we express ourselves. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your outfit speaks volumes. We Love Fashion At Hera’s Handbags As our readers are aware of, our Italian designer handbags here at Hera’s Handbags are the perfect fashion accessory for your favorite outfits and more. Whether you’re going out for a casual date or going to...

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Italian Designer Handbags Unexpectedly Found In Movies

Italian Designer Handbags Unexpectedly Found In Movies Are you ever watching a movie, enjoying the story or the cinematography, when you notice a particular product or item that catches your eye? It’s usually something along the lines of, “Hey, I have one of those too! Neat!” Well, Italian designer handbags like you’d find here at Hera’s Handbags are not exempt from their fame up on the big screen. In today’s blog post, your friendly stylish handbag experts at Hera’s Handbags are going to touch on some of these fashionable purses that made their way into major motion pictures. If you’re in the market for a gorgeous real Italian leather bag, don’t forget to shop our collection today, and if you’re...

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Misconceptions About Italian Designer Handbags

Is your stylish handbag as good of a purchase as you once thought? At Hera’s Handbags, we love all things related to our Italian designer handbags. Since you’re here reading this, we’re sure that you’re familiar with at least some of the inner-workings of your own handmade leather handbag. If you don’t happen to actually own your own handmade leather handbag, no worries - that’s why we’re here! Hera’s Handbags specializes in carrying the latest and greatest fashion items to add to your style in the form of genuine Italian leather handbags. Our handbags and accessories are all handmade in Italy you’ll be getting premium quality and durability at a price that we think you’ll enjoy. We believe that you...

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