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Italian Designer Handbags Unexpectedly Found In Movies

Italian Designer Handbags Unexpectedly Found In Movies Are you ever watching a movie, enjoying the story or the cinematography, when you notice a particular product or item that catches your eye? It’s usually something along the lines of, “Hey, I have one of those too! Neat!” Well, Italian designer handbags like you’d find here at Hera’s Handbags are not exempt from their fame up on the big screen. In today’s blog post, your friendly stylish handbag experts at Hera’s Handbags are going to touch on some of these fashionable purses that made their way into major motion pictures. If you’re in the market for a gorgeous real Italian leather bag, don’t forget to shop our collection today, and if you’re...

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Some Of The Most Iconic Stylish Handbags Throughout The Times

Styles change all of the time, and when it comes to high fashion, the latest styles and trends tend to fluctuate even more frequently. So, when a fashion item is introduced to the market (or the runway, should we say), and it’s still considered gorgeous, chic and stylish years and years later, that’s really saying something. From dresses to jewelry to leather handbags, many fashion items do not stand the test of time. Though the types of stylish handbags do change here and there, there’s just something about the ‘It’ bag that just never seems to go out of style. Call it charisma, call it high-class, call it taste - we’re not quite sure how these purses have served as...

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