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Misconceptions About Italian Designer Handbags

Is your stylish handbag as good of a purchase as you once thought? At Hera’s Handbags, we love all things related to our Italian designer handbags. Since you’re here reading this, we’re sure that you’re familiar with at least some of the inner-workings of your own handmade leather handbag. If you don’t happen to actually own your own handmade leather handbag, no worries - that’s why we’re here! Hera’s Handbags specializes in carrying the latest and greatest fashion items to add to your style in the form of genuine Italian leather handbags. Our handbags and accessories are all handmade in Italy you’ll be getting premium quality and durability at a price that we think you’ll enjoy. We believe that you...

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Our Stylish Handbags Make the Perfect Gift

While receiving a thoughtful gift is always a nice feeling and a kind gesture, giving a gift to a friend or a loved one is an even better feeling. Even outside of the holiday season, people are constantly looking for new, fun, creative and personally tailored gift ideas to match the personality of the gift receiver. With Hallmark holidays (we’re looking at you, Valentine’s Day), unofficial holidays like National (insert popular food item here) Day and a seemingly endless amount of birthdays, it’s not like buying presents for those we care about will go out of style anytime soon. For a fashionista friend or simply someone who needs a practical yet stylish handbag to carry things around in, a handmade...

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