Italy, The Fashion Scene, And Italian Designer Handbags

When you think about fashion, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Or rather, what’s the first place that comes to mind? New York City might be one of those places that come to mind, or perhaps Paris. Maybe Los Angeles is on your mental list of fashion-savvy areas. But above all else, Italy has historically proven to be one of the world’s fashion leaders for centuries. Specifically, Milan is known as one of the most stylish and most fashion-forward areas, known for much more than just its beautiful physical geography.

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When it comes to Italian purses and our practical, comfortable handbags, what you’ll find is that we’re heavily inspired by the rich fashion culture of Italy. In fact, our handbags are handmade right in this fashion capital, ensuring that you’re getting the very best, authentic product. But why, exactly, does Italy have such a reputation? Well, that’s what we’re going to look into in today’s blog post. Don’t forget to shop our beautiful bags by visiting here!

The Roots Of Italian Fashion

There’s no doubt that Italy’s stylish roots date back to 14th-century Florence, or Firenze, as it is known. Italy is essentially considered the ‘cradle of the Renaissance,’ and so it makes sense that Italy can lay claim to some extensive heritage music, the arts, fashion, and culture altogether. Particularly for elite families at the same like the Medici family, appearance and display were intimately tied to identity.

As such, affluent families in Florence were naturally obsessed with fashion, investing massive portions of their family fortunes on clothing and fashion accessories. However, it wasn’t until around the post-war era of the 20th century that Italy’s international fashion became...well, international.

Italy Expands Its Reputation For Fashion

A key player in getting Italy’s name out as a fashion powerhouse was a gentleman named Giovanni Battista Giorgini. Giorgini was an aristocratic entrepreneur who gathered designs from the best-known tailors and dressmakers in the country, including famous names like Pucci, the Fontana sisters, and Capucci.

Early fashion shows were staged in the exquisite, chandeliered Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The designs that Giorgini showcased at the fashion show were a total hit because they were roughly 30 percent cheaper than their Parisian counterparts, so buyers snapped them up. Soon, Italian fashion designer clothing would make its way to the United States - particularly to urban, booming areas like New York City.

With Celebrity Promotions, Style Took Off

Given the stylish and irresistible combination of celebrities and clever, early marketing to the masses, Italian style began to really emerge onto the global stage. Indeed, even industries like the movie industry were drawn to areas like Rome due to its sunny climate and relatively low costs of filming (at the time). Thus, Cinecitta studios in Rome became known as an international hub for both style and entertainment, two hallmark aspects of capitalism, the consumer culture, and the good life. The city itself acted as an open-air set with all of its beauty, and films like Roman Holiday and Cleopatra helped prove Cinecitta’s success.

Image In Light Of Paparazzi

As movie stars and celebrities began to gather more global game, they were soon followed around by the paparazzi off the set. Famous examples of stars being photographed included Bogart and Bacall in their elegant gondola shot in Venice, Audrey Hepburn shopping for shoes at Ferragamo in Florence, and Taylor and Burton shopping the boutiques of her beloved Bulgari. Other stars were photographed while on their holiday vacation on the scenic Amalfi coast. It didn’t take long for these images to surface and spread around the world, portraying a fabulous and seemingly effortlessly stylish way of life. These were the kind of images that people around the world wanted to represent their own life.

Real Italians Care About Their Appearance

Not only do Italians care about what they look like and how they act, but they are so passionate about it that fashion represents more of a lifestyle than simply a clothing trend. Indeed, Italian glamor historically amounts to so much more than hype or even a perfect moment for the media. It’s simply a way of living in Italian culture.

As such, things like passeggiata are not only commonplace but absolutely quintessential in Italian culture. Passeggiata involves the daily (or nearly nightly) ritual of an early-evening stroll or ‘promenade’, wherein self-confidence is a main part of the experience. Think of passeggiata as somewhat of a ‘street theatre’ where the element of posing is an important part of the overall experience. It’s a way to see others and to be seen, but really, to be seen.

Life The Italian Fashion Life With Hera’s Handbags

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