Our Stylish Handbags Make the Perfect Gift

While receiving a thoughtful gift is always a nice feeling and a kind gesture, giving a gift to a friend or a loved one is an even better feeling. Even outside of the holiday season, people are constantly looking for new, fun, creative and personally tailored gift ideas to match the personality of the gift receiver. With Hallmark holidays (we’re looking at you, Valentine’s Day), unofficial holidays like National (insert popular food item here) Day and a seemingly endless amount of birthdays, it’s not like buying presents for those we care about will go out of style anytime soon.

For a fashionista friend or simply someone who needs a practical yet stylish handbag to carry things around in, a handmade leather handbag from Hera’s Handbags makes the perfect gift to really express your appreciation for someone. Whether you decide to gift a ladies leather business bag, a leather coin purse, a crossbody handle or a studded clutch, you can rest assured that your friends and family will be thrilled with the quality of our Italian leather and overall visual appeal of these fabulous handbags. Let’s take a look at the appeal of quality leather handbags and why people enjoying both purchasing and receiving them so much.

They’re Functional and Practical

For many people, handbags are probably the single most expensive item on their shopping list. Though pricey, a survey of 2,000 women found that handbags were the most satisfying purchase for the majority of survey respondents, with one in four women reporting that they actually enjoyed buying a ‘smart bag’ over buying dressy shoes.

So as it turns out, the pleasure associated with locking down the perfect arm candy actually outweighs the thrill of spending money on a flashy pair of high heels or similar fashionable shoes. This makes sense if you think about how unsupportive and uncomfortable shoes have a rather limited application, whereas handbags are used to carry personal, valuable items that are essential to what we have on our person. For many people, handbags are the most used accessory, and so each handbag must go with every possible outfit. Therefore, there’s a lot of satisfaction in finding the perfect bag to match an outfit or serve another specific purpose.

Handbags Are a Great Premeditated Purchase

There’s also something to be said about splurging on something that you’ve had your eyes on for awhile, especially when payday finally rolls around. Seeing fancy stylish handbags being advertised to you over and over will eventually result in that hard-earned purchase, because you’ve had days, weeks, or even months (if you’re patient enough) to fantasize about what it would be like to own that item before you actually own it. In fact, in the same survey mentioned above, nearly a third of the responders admitted to tearing out pictures of items and advertisements to remind them of these desired items, with three in ten women having hunted down a specific clothing or fashion item after seeing it in an advertisement.

Also in the survey, some 81 percent of respondents agreed that they are more careful with their money now than they were five years ago. So, rather than aggressively spend their cash impulsively, the vast majority of women in the survey spent time carefully considering their purchase before exchanging their dollars. If you’re patient enough, buying one of the latest handbags might even mean making multiple trips to the store before the purchase is locked down.  Since their purchases are fewer and far in between, they are more likely to feel a deeper sense of satisfaction when they actually do buy something new. After all, who doesn’t like having new things? Retail therapy exists for a reason.

Easily Drop Hints for a Handbag

Speaking of all of these premeditated purchases that seem to focus on delayed gratification, stylish handbags make the perfect gift to drop a series of hints about to a friend or loved one that knows you well enough (and makes enough dough) to buy you that sought-after purse. With the constant reminder of your ideal handbag being cast onto you through clever advertisements, it’s not likely that you’re going to forget about that dream purse online.

Sure, you can hint at nearly any kind of gift, but stylish handbags just seem to have a certain desirable quality within fashion-conscious society that make it the perfect gift to hint about. Don’t be surprised to hear your friend casually mention that the zipper on their latest bag broke “on accident” and that the latest window display at Nordstrom boasts a more than suitable replacement. Alas, just like a solid and diversified shoe collection, acquiring the next stylish handbag is simply not the endgame for fashionistas.

Show Your Friend That You Care

A nice home cooked meal, a massage or a handmade piece of art might carry a lot of sentimental value when selecting a gift for a good friend, but we can’t ignore the fact that people simply enjoy having new things in their repertoire of items. If your spouse or loved one has been not-so-subtly dropping hints about her dream designer handbag, it might be time to make a move on it. This is not because shiny, material objects are what will ultimately bring happiness to those you care about in your life, but biting the bullet and purchasing that fancy Italian leather handbag shows that you pay attention to that person’s taste and desires, and you want them to know that you were thinking about them.

Shop Hera’s Handbags Today

Our authentic Italian leather handbags are not only stylish handbags, but the quality of the leather means that they will stand the test of time. Carry your items in style by browsing our bags for sale to find the perfect fit for your look, or find the right purse online to drop your “hints” about. Remember, we all deserve nice things at least once and awhile!

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