Is Shopping Good For You? A Look At Retail Therapy

It’s hard to put your finger on that feeling, but sometimes, when you go out to a store and happen to find the perfect item at a bargain price, there’s just something that feels inherently good about it. Is it the fact that you’re stimulating our capitalist economy, or does the feeling of shopping satisfaction stem from necessity? Well, it’s not like you needed that tenth pair of bright pink high heels, but when they look that drop-dead gorgeous at a reasonable price, well, it’s hard to say no.

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Now, not that we’d prescribe going shopping as an effective way to combat against depression or a number of conditions, but there might actually be some legitimate value in what is known as “retail therapy.” If you’ve ever heard the phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping,” then you’re probably already familiar with this concept. Well, in the modern age of 2017, many people do their shopping online. At Hera’s Handbags, our designer handbags made in Italy are here to purchase should you choose to take your retail therapy session to the internet (is typing in your credit card information as satisfying as swiping it at the store? We’ll let you decide on that one).

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Is Retail Therapy Actually A Thing?

It is. A survey conducted by TNS Global on behalf of actually found that more than half of Americans (52 percent, including 64 percent of women and 40 percent of men) admitted to engaging in retail therapy - roughly defined as the act of shopping and spending in order to improve one’s mood. The findings in this survey reflect the findings of a previous study published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, in which 62 percent of shoppers had purchased something to cheer themselves up, and another 28 percent had purchased something as a means of celebration. In either case, we think that the expression “treat yourself” definitely applies.

Retail Therapy In Moderation

It’s fair to say that for some people, there’s a quick rush followed by making a purchase. But is retail therapy actually...therapeutic? Renowned San Francisco therapist Peggy Wynne believes so. Wynne believes that, in small, manageable doses, retail therapy can soothe the soul, but it depends on the individual. When shopping is done in moderation, it isn’t a problem, similar to the moderate use of alcohol.

Overdoing It

Like all great things in life (and what could be greater than buying a shiny, brand new item?), it is quite possible to indulge too heavily in retail therapy - at a certain point, the experience is more accurately classified as “retail disease”, or, you know, “massive credit card debt.” Interestingly enough, the warning signs that habitual shopping has become a problem have a lot of overlap with the classic tell-tale alcohol abuse signs. Wynne says that lying or hiding purchases from loved ones, feeling guilt or shame about shopping or missing work or other obligations in order to go shopping are signs that indicate a shopping habit has spiraled out of control.

Putting Confidence In Your Step

Though it’s difficult to say that buying material items lead to long-term, therapeutic satisfaction, there certainly are benefits to buying brand new things. Imagine that you’re furthering your career and taking the next big step by moving out to a big city for a new job. When you interview, you realize that everyone at the office is dressed sharp, and by sharp, we mean truly cutting edge. A stylish and sleek new outfit (or several new outfits if we’re being realistic) can really help bring out the confidence it takes to make great first impressions in a professional workplace.

Really, who hasn’t purchased something new for a special date, a new job, a big event or even the start of a new school year? It’s only human nature to want to be loved and accepted by our peers, and dressing stylishly in new clothes can certainly add some more swagger to your step.

Relaxation And Escape

When it comes to some of the more popular benefits of retail therapy, things like entertainment, rejuvenation, and escape come to mind for many people. Think of online shopping as somewhat of a mini mental vacation, if you will. This makes sense because shopping online is a relatively mindless, low-effort and relaxing activity. It’s also fairly harmless in many instances because you can browse websites without ever putting anything into your cart or actually spending a single dollar.

So, whether you’re window shopping, just scrolling through our business bags for ladies online or aggressively pawing through clearance racks at outlet malls, shopping really can be a mental refresher. Think of shopping as providing some of the benefits of a long weekend vacation without the hassle of packing or planning.

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