Out With The Old, In With The New: Repurposing Your Old Purse

If you’re not quite sure if you have more old purses or more old, unused pairs of shoes in your closet, then it might be time to sort through and recycle some things - rather, upcycle them, as some say. In our world of materialism and consumer goods, we tend to give our possessions great sentimental value, and so many things we own end up just laying around, taking up space inside our homes. Do you really need all that would-be open floor space in your closet to be constantly filled with old purses that you don’t even use anymore? Just think about how much better organized you and your life could be.

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In today’s blog post, we’re going to cover some useful ways that you can repurpose your old handbags in order to help you get rid of the old and make way for the new. Continue reading below to learn more, and as always, feel free to shop our Italian designer handbags today!

Make a Car Emergency Kit

If you’ve been driving around without an emergency kit in your car, then you definitely need to get one - or in this case, make one. An old purse makes a great carrying pouch for essential in-car items like water bottles, dried snacks, a tire gauge, some road flares, and maybe even a blanket. Of course, what you can fit into your emergency kit depends on the size of the bag in question, so consider creating two kits: a smaller one for in-town driving, and a larger one for longer distances like a road trip.

A Convenient Sewing Kit

If you have any old purses with flat bottoms, then you’re definitely going to get extended use out of at least one of them! Purses with flat bottoms make great, small sewing kits. Not only do purses keep the contents safe and sound, but all of your sewing items will be easily accessible. So, if you’re into sewing but you’re not one of those professionals that lugs around an entire suitcase of supplies, an old flat bottom purse is a modest yet practical sewing kit solution.

Be Charitable

Whether the holidays are coming up or you’re just feeling generous, there’s always value in donating your old handbag. So long as the purse isn’t completely torn to shreds and holds some remaining practical value, chances are that someone out there could use it. Just make sure to give it a good cleaning before you donate it, or at least make sure that all of your personal contents are out of the bag before you’ve handed it off. Just imagine all of the random personal items you’ll amass when you dig through and clean out all of your old handbags.

Upcycling Has Many Uses

It would pain us if you did this with a new stylish leather handbag, but you should be able to cut old purses apart and use some of the components for random things. That being said, it helps if you have legitimate experience with leatherworking. For example, long straps from handbags can be used as belts or fabulous pet collars. Smaller straps can be cut down further to become a fashionable bracelet or cuff, and the body of an old purse could even be fashioned into a wallet or a decorative item. Really, the sky's the limit and what you want to do with your old purse(s) is completely up to you and your own creativity.

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