Some Of The Weirdest Things To Happen In Fashion


It’s completely fair to say that fashion is subjective, but it’s also fair to say that some pretty...well, interesting things have occurred in the global fashion circuit throughout time. From ‘black teeth’ back in the days of Elizabeth I to overly long sleeves and even wearing bathrobes as a fashion statement, fashion is a constantly evolving clothing and style movement that never seems to stay the same.

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And now, for the good stuff - let’s take a look at some of the arguably stranger things that the fashion scene has produced in the past.

‘Extreme Sleeves’

We had to address this one immediately. Extreme sleeves are pretty much exactly what they sound like - ridiculously, almost comically long sleeves that go way past the hands. Why? The reason for those overly long sleeves is beyond us, but it certainly can’t be for pragmatic reasons. Trying to reach for your coffee? Oh no, now it’s spilled everywhere. Trying to type on your keyword at work? Now you have a mess of random letters instead of a coherent sentence.

At least these lengthy sleeves could substitute as gloves for those colder days of the year. 

Fringed Clothing

Fringed pants and shirts can be seen in the typical, folksy, 1970s-inspired outfits, and that looks pretty normal given that era of style. But strutting around, looking like a frayed carpet? People can do what they do and wear what they want, but some say that this fringe madness is as much about attracting the attention of street photographers as it is a nod to classic couture tailoring. In any case, it certainly takes a bold type of person to successfully pull off this look.


Yes, we weren’t joking about this one earlier. Call it what you will, perhaps even ‘aprés-shower chic’ or ‘morning couture,’ because bathrobes made their way to the front stage of the fashion arena back in 2016. Indeed, seen at Lacoste, Alexander Wang and Band of Outsiders, these comfy hooded garments that we associate with going to the spa and wearing around the house actually made their way to the streets of New York and beyond as legitimate (albeit comfy) outerwear. If you are going to wear a bathrobe outside, at least go for a silky one instead of a tattered terry cloth version.

Muddy Jeans

You know and love the whole ripped and torn jeans trend, but muddy jeans? Nothing says you just got off a hard day’s work at the ranch with muddy jeans, except that most people sporting them probably aren’t familiar with manual labor. In any case, jeans caked with mud are apparently a fashion item that’s been trending in 2017. As it turns out, mixing water and dirt together doesn’t cost very much money, so we’re sure that designer brands are making a killing off of this recent fashion trend.

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