Myths About Fashion That You Shouldn’t Buy Into

Where would the world be without fashion? Would we all be walking around wrapped in blankets or dressed in curtains, or maybe still sporting Roman togas? While high fashion only appeals to a certain niche market (and a large market at that), there’s something to be said about how clothing and a sense of style affect our individuality, confidence and the way we express ourselves. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your outfit speaks volumes.

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As our readers are aware of, our Italian designer handbags here at Hera’s Handbags are the perfect fashion accessory for your favorite outfits and more. Whether you’re going out for a casual date or going to a gala ball, you can count on our Italian luxury bags to give you the stylish confidence boost that you’re looking for at a price that doesn’t deflate your purse. We’re going to address a few major myths about fashion in this post, but don’t forget to browse our main collection of stylish handbags here!

Myth: Never Wear Black With Blue

It’s tricky to address fashion myths because style is largely subjective. That being said, black and blue can get a bad rap because they can be so close in shade that it’s often difficult to tell them apart. Sure, wearing a black shirt with navy pants might look a little bit drab, but if you successfully accessorize and mix in different tones of color, you’ll add contrast to this color combination that makes black and blue actually look stylish.

Myth: You Shouldn’t Wear Gold And Silver Together

Are you really doomed to a life of no silver jewelry just because you happen to wear a gold wedding band? Absolutely not. If you go to just about any jewelry store, you’ll see plenty of beautiful pieces that use the silver-gold combination. The key to putting a tasteful look together on your own is selecting the right pieces and committing to the look - in other words, wear more than one of each in order to make the silver and gold accents on your outfit look intentional.

Myth: Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Heavier

This is a pretty typical fashion myth - additionally, people also believe that vertical stripes draw the eye up and down the body, making you appear longer and leaner. As it turns out, the reality is that people don’t perceive others wearing horizontal stripes as heavier. If anything, people are actually perceived as thinner.

Like any pattern you wear, stripes will draw attention to the area where they’re worn. So, you can minimize the ‘pattern effect’ by reducing the area with stripes. Doing things like wearing a blazer or a cardigan over a striped top will help you pull off the stripes look like you were born with it.

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